lyf iz lyf

from by Fresh Pelican



life is life
balancing on the edge of a knife
spinning my head one million degrees
swatting away a million fleas

today my life officially begins
gonna open my heart and spread my wings

life is a gift but it gets you down
when your not winning it'll make you frown
today i slept until i woke up
sliding my finger round the rim of a tea cup

gonna open my heart and spread my wings

its been so long since i last had a fuck
would you still love me if i looked like a duck?
can you feel the tension round here there might be a ruck
look at all the mother fuckers sucking on luck

yeah you've lost your chair
you fell down the stairs and burnt your hair
you can't find your dog
you can't find your bone
life is life
and i hope that you know your never alone


from jungle trash, released February 10, 2014


tags: pop London


all rights reserved


Fresh Pelican London, UK

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