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why did you send me that andy?
why do you ask me of my creativity
is it cos you want me to waste my energy
like you,
on pointless noise

why did you send me that andy?
that song that you gave me just made me all confused
what are you doing
are you insane?
the art that your making is frazzling my brain

BAMBOO! (woah)

why did you send you me that andy?
i love you my cousin but what else can i do?
ill give you a piece of my noise
build it up with pieces
pieces of bamboo

why would send me that andy?
life is a lesson it comes in sticky goo
build it up with pieces
and put it back to together with bamboo
you know its true

BAMBOO! (woah)


from jungle trash, released February 10, 2014


tags: pop London


all rights reserved


Fresh Pelican London, UK

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